Reasons To Use A Home Water Filter

Posted on: 16 July 2020

If you like to be healthy and enjoy pure-tasting water, why not consider a home water filter? Here are several reasons to get one for your home.

Removes Chlorine 

Chlorine is added to water to disinfect it and remove bacteria and bugs that can harm health. However, chlorine itself can, depending on conditions, react with organic substances to form trihalomethanes or THM. The benefits of adding chlorine are thought to outweigh the risks of these by-products. However, by using a water filter, you'll have the benefits of bacteria-free water, plus your filter will remove the other elements.

Eliminates Flouride

Fluoride has been added to water for decades as it's known to hinder tooth decay. However, some people say that as fluoride is now in products such as toothpaste, it's unnecessary to add it to water. Using a filter, you can drink fluoride-free water and use toothpaste that contains it if you wish. 

Takes Out Aluminium

Some water processing involves using chemicals that contain aluminium to rid water of floating particles and to make it clearer. While the aluminium is then filtered out, some can remain in the water, which a filter takes out.

Gives Purer And Better Tasting Water

Once your filter has removed these and other impure elements, you'll enjoy safer water that also tastes better. You'll particularly notice the difference with the cleaner flavour of your first cup of tea or coffee. You'll be able to drink healthy pure water without worrying about overloading on other elements. Plus, your cooking will likewise benefit from the purer taste. 

Learn the Different Types Of Filtering Systems

Filtering systems come in different forms, and thus you can choose which option will work best depending on the number of people in your household and your plumbing. One option is to simply purchase a jug with a replaceable filter, which you'll need to change regularly. Keep patient while waiting for the water, as it trickles through the filter on these quite slowly. Whether a jug is practical depends on how many people will be using it. Another possibility is to upsize by installing a larger container that sits on the countertop. These flow more smoothly than their little cousins, but they do take up space.

You can attach home water filters to the plumbing as well. Some models mount to the tap. These styles typically allow you to switch between using filtered and non-filtered water. Otherwise, you can go with the more elaborate plumbing option, that affixes the filter to pipes under the sink. You'll need an expert to install this version.