Are Timber Shutters A Liability?

Posted on: 22 July 2019

Shutters have steadily taken over Australian households since they are much chicer and more durable than the traditional alternative of curtains. Moreover, shutters come in an assortment of materials, so you are assured of having a wide selection of options that you can choose for your specific style of interior décor. However, some people tend to shy away from timber shutters under the impression that they will be much more laborious to take care of when compared to their other counterparts. While timber shutters may have needed meticulous care in years past, this is no longer the case. Read on to learn just two reasons why timber shutters are not a liability for your home but instead are highly advantageous to your household.

Timber shutters are consummately classy 

Regardless of what theme you have chosen for your interior design, you likely want window treatments that will be stylish in their own right. Some materials are attractive, but this does not automatically mean that they will gel well with your interior décor. For instance, if you have chosen the rustic charm of a cottage style home, sleek, aluminium shutters will not do your rooms justice. Timber shutters, on the other hand, are undeniably attractive in any style of home. If you have a contemporary house, painting the shutters a brilliant white will go in line with the minimalist appearance of your home! On the other hand, traditional homes characterised by their warmth and wood accents will also be elevated by timber shutters!

Timber shutters are an eco-conscious addition

Global warming and planetary degradation have become a global concern. Thus, it is not surprising to find a majority of Australians are keen on preserving the Earth. And the best place to start is with your lifestyle and household. When selecting shutters, it is important to consider how they are sourced as well as the manufacturing processes involved so that you are assured that you are selecting a material that is not contributing to environmental degradation. Timber happens to be one of the more eco-friendly materials as long as it is sourced responsibly. You could choose to utilised recycle wood for the creation of your shutters since this material will not be going to waste. Alternatively, you could consult with different manufacturers to determine where they source their timber. Wood that comes from farms that routinely replant the trees used is a great option for your timber shutters.