Why Install a Rail Shower in Your Family Bathroom?

Posted on: 12 November 2018

If your bathroom is used by all members of your family, then you need to find ways to make it work for everybody. Showers can pose a problem here if they'll be used by both adults and children. Installing an adjustable rail shower rather than a fixed shower may be a good option for a family bathroom. What are the benefits?

Get a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Adjustable shower heads that run on a rail aren't set into a fixed position on the wall. The shower rail is fixed, but you can move the shower head up and down the rail to adjust its height. This type of shower is really useful in family bathrooms if you have a lot of people at home who are all different heights. If you have a fixed shower head, then it's hard to choose a height for the head that suits everybody.

For example, if the shower is set at a middling range, then taller members of your family will have to hunch down to get under the shower. This is not comfortable. However, if the shower is set high, then shorter members of your family won't necessarily enjoy showering as much because they'll miss out on the higher water pressure that comes out close to the head.

This isn't a problem with an adjustable shower rail. You can simply move the head up and down to get it to the perfect height for the person who is showering.

Get a Hand Shower Option

Shower heads on rails can often be switched from overhead to handheld positions. This allows you to take the shower off the rail and use it in different ways.

For example, if you have a teenager who washes their hair all the time, but who doesn't want to necessarily shower to do this, then they can switch the head to the handheld mode. They take the shower head off the rail and wash their hair over the bath or in the cubicle. This is also handy if your family has a dog. If you wash your dog in the bath, you can take the shower head down. You then direct water on to your pet wherever it wanders in the tub.

So, it may be a good idea to use a shower rail in your bathroom. To find out more about adjustable options, talk to your bathroom designer or plumbing supplier.