Splashbacks: Reasons to Invest in Natural Stone

Posted on: 19 December 2016

The kitchen can become quite messy, especially if you spend a considerable time in it. If you would like to ensure that your walls are protected from spills and splashes from your food preparation, then you should consider installing splashbacks. A popular material that homeowners choose for their splashbacks is tile. However, this is not the only available alternative for you. A material that has steadily been growing in popularity over the years is natural stone. Some of the stone options that you could consider for your splashbacks include quartz, granite and even marble if your budget allows it. Below are some of the different reasons why you should invest in natural stone splashbacks.

Stone splashbacks will match your worktops

One of the materials that can easily be incorporated into the different facets of your kitchen is stone. An area that takes up considerable space in the kitchen is benchtops and worktops. However, you cannot use materials such as tile for these areas as they will become susceptible to premature damage. Natural stone gives you the chance to create continuation in the design of your kitchen, which enhances the overall aesthetics of the space.

Stone splashbacks are durable

Another characteristic of natural stone that makes it suitable for your splashbacks is its innate strength. Natural stone can be exposed to high impact without you having to worry about it breaking, cracking and chipping. Therefore, if you are looking for a hard wearing material that will provide you with durability, then natural stone would be a great option for your kitchen.

Stone splashbacks come in an assortment of design options

A misconception some people may have is that stone will not be able to create visual interest in your kitchen. This could not be further from the truth though. Natural stone will have unique patterns since each different stone will erode at its own pace. In addition to this, although natural stone will have neutral tones, you can get stone splashbacks in an array of colours. This ensures that our natural stone splashbacks will be capable of complementing your current interior décor choices.

Stone splashbacks are heat resistant

A popular area to install splashbacks is over the stovetop. However, choosing the wrong material could mean having to replace your splashbacks prematurely due to scorching. Natural stone has high heat resistant, which ensures that your walls, as well as the splashbacks, are protected from scorching.