Common Mistakes That Damage Blinds And What You Can Do About It

Posted on: 28 April 2016

Blinds are great home accessories that come in different designs and materials. Each type or design of blinds also has some specific maintenance requirements necessary to sustain its efficiency and durability. So it's important for you to pay attention to detail and follow your provider's guidelines. Below you will find tips on how to maintain different types of blinds and avoid mistakes that are damaging your blinds.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are opened and closed in an upward and downward motion. You may often find that you're struggling with the movement and your blinds don't open up fully or have a tight grip. The use of too much force when opening and closing the blinds affects the internal spring and eventually triggers these problems.

So, make sure that you don't open or close your blinds forcefully. If the shade doesn't open fully, pull the shade downwards to the midpoint, while it's still mounted, and release it from the brackets. After that, manually roll up the shade and make sure you do it evenly, then replace the shade in the brackets and try to open it again.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have vertical slats that open sideways either to the left or right. Common problems associated with vertical blinds is having slats that are not in-sync or fail to turn when you try to close or open your blinds. Failing to move your slats until they are fully tilted is a major cause of damaged and out-of-sync slats.

So, before you open or close your blinds, always inspect to see if there is a slat that is not in line, overlaps in the wrong way or is twisted. You can easily correct the positioning of a slat by snapping it in the right direction, but make sure you do it gently.

Wooden Blinds

One of the most common problems you are likely to experience if you have wooden blinds is warping. If you soak your blinds in water when cleaning them or fail to dry them completely, they will absorb the water and bend or twist. It's advisable you refinish your wooden blinds every time you repaint your house to maintain their durability and prevent water absorption.

You can use a damp cloth to remove stubborn dirt spots on wood. However, it's best if you buy a wood cleaner that is appropriate for the wood and finish used on your blinds. Remember that not any cleaning detergent can be used to clean your wooden blinds because harsh chemicals discolor wood and tend to wear off the finish.

If you maintain your indoor and outdoor blinds well, they will not only work perfectly, but they will also maintain their beautiful appeal and luster for long.